Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Sock Setbacks

I mentioned back in October that Chris wanted a pair of West Yorkshire Spinners socks in Bullfinch with Cayanne contrast (toes, heels, cuffs), and I cast on and knit the first one in good time, except when he tried it on it didn't fit, it was too tight in the toes and he wanted more length, which would have been an easy fix in cuff-down socks but my preference is for toe-down socks so I basically put them in time-out while I considered my options and tried to find charitable feelings in my heart for these socks. That took a little over a month, and I recently picked up the second sock again -reasoning that if I make a second sock that fits I'll know what I need to do to the first - knit the foot a centimetre longer, worked the afterthought heel before knitting the leg, and got about an inch (notice how I switch between units of measurement? Yeah, this is my life) up the leg before he had the opportunity to try it on. The verdict? Length is better, but it's still too tight in the toe and needs to be wider. Which basically means ripping both socks back to their cast on toes and reknitting two whole socks.

Which is why the almost finished second sock got shoved in the back of my knitting cupboard and the circular needle has been cannibalise for a pair of sparkly stripy rainbow Opal socks for me. 

Merry Christmas.