Sunday, 25 October 2015

FO: Tryghed Hat

In my previous blogpost I talked about all the hats I want to knit and the beautiful yarns I have to knit them...and then I promptly went out and bought more wool to knit a completely different hat (This is why I shouldn't have a stash): Tryghed by Karie Westermann, from her Hygge collection

My gauge tends large so I went down a needle size and it took me about a day to knit it, checking only to see that the ribbing fit comfortably around my head, and finished that same day. Experienced knitters are waiting for the problem: I checked my circumference, but I didn't check my row height. I washed it, blocked it lightly, and waited for it to dry so I could try it on. Nowhere near long enough. Oops. Fortunately I'd not yet wove in the ends, so I let it dry completely, then unraveled past the lace row, added another 5 rows, then added a similar distance in the second ribbing section. Blocked it again, and voila! 

I didn't have a blocking implement ("dinner plate") the correct size to have the hat fold on the lace row, but it looks fine when modelled. The yarn is Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran in "cedar" which is a Forrest green with magenta and teal spun through it - one of those colours you could never hope to photograph or describe, it has to be seem - and used 58g which is just over one ball.

I also picked up two balls each in the colours "oceanic" and "sholmitt" which is a natural grey to knit the Skovtur mitts, also from the Hygge collection.

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