Saturday, 30 May 2015

Pompoms! DIY Centerpeice

We had a little tea party for two of Little Djinn's friends and their parents Easter weekend and I wanted something for a center-piece on the table so I grabbed some green acrylic yarn that I picked up in my brief crochet period (after I tried to cut off my middle finger and couldn't hold knitting needles) and my trusty (never used) pompom maker and some little Easter-themed figures from the grocery store:

Pompom maker, expanded:

Pompom maker, assuming the position:
Start wrapping yarn around one side:
then wrap around other side:
make sure both sides are wrapped really full:
cut around the side, following the groove:
cut all the strings:
tie a string around the middle:
release the arms:
all four of them:
pop the centers, Pompom!:
Arrange in a pleasing manner:
Pictured in a glass bowl with a small vase of flowers in the middle, on a green washcloth. I made medium and large pompoms until I ran out of yarn, placed them around the inner vase like hills, and placed sheep and bunnies on the pompoms.

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