Friday, 27 December 2013

Craftiness Roundup: Sewing

My mother gave me a sewing machine for my birthday/Christmas present and in 6 months I made three things. While, obviously, I'd like to Make All the Things, I'm largely at peace with this output. Little Dinn is not hugely fond of letting me out of her reach and I'm sticking to my decision not to sew while holding her. If this makes me staid and boring, so be it.

My first "familiarise one's self with the machine" project was some summery gingham bunting. Simple double-sided triangles, sewn to a ribbon of bias tape. I don't seem to have a picture of the project but here's one of my audience.

Emboldened by my success, I bought a Little Dress Kit for a double-sided smock for Little Djinn. It turns out I'm no good at curves but I did successfully figure out buttonholes and babies look cute in anything, even if the seems are wobbly.
My third project was another set of seasonal bunting, autumnal prints, greens and oranges and golds with a bit of pumpkin, again attached to bias tape. I spaced these a bit further apart than, on consideration, I would have preferred but it's good enough. I had enough triangles to make a smaller strand of bunting to hang in the porch, greeting people at the door.

Autumn bunting hanging in the stairwell.

I bought a pattern, fabric, and notions to make a romper for Little Djinn but never so much as took the fabric out of the bag. I also bought two prints to turn into wall-hangings. My mother cut them out, pinned them together and started quilting one. That's exactly how they remain. I hung them anyway, for Thanksgiving.  Just today Lilltle Djinn got a care package from Grandma which included pre-cut triangles and bias tape for some winter bunting. I'm feeling optimistic about its chances.

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  1. Hey that is further than I got with the dress I tried to make for Shanna. I've given up.