Thursday, 6 June 2013

I should change my blog to "Jennifer Lives"

I should change my blog from "Jennifer Knits" to "Jennifer Lives" but I can't edit that from the blogger app. I started off blogging about my knitting and now we're lucky if I mention a project, let alone show pictures and talk about it and I am doubtful that I'll make a better sewing-blogger. 

received a blogging gift! Long time reader, first time gifter, er, fellow knitter / American abroad and occasional (once so far, but we live in hope especially as Ging Kitty actually let her pet him) house-guest Amy sent me a copy of Paul Hollywood's How to Bake. It was only reading the article in Delicious Magazine that I learnt he's famous for judging Great British Bake-Off (and that he'll be judging the US spin-off); I only heard of him when I saw adverts for the BBC's "Paul Hollywood's Bread" which I recorded for Chris, our resident bread baker. Sure enough, he's fairly rapturous about this cookbook and has already picked several recipes we must make forthwith (the first being Chedder and Bacon Loafs). In non-baking news, I made Rhubbarb Fool (stewed Rhubbarb, mashed strawberries, and whipped cream all mixed together). The picture in the magazine looks smooth and pink. Mine is lumpy and pinkish with bits of fruit swirled around. It's tasty, but not something I'd serve at a formal dinner party.

My mother heard my "I want a sewing machine but don't know what to do with one" and, a life-long sewer, decided that if I have one the rest will take care of itself. I bought a pack of gingham squares and a length of bias tape for bunting to hang on the wall leading up the stairs. I hung the advent calendar bunting there over the winter and the wall has looked a bit bare since. It would be a perfect place to hang pictures of Little Djinn as she grows but I usually lean against the wall when going down the stairs to keep from falling. These are the concerns of the clumsy. I've washed and ironed my fabric and, while I could start now, I'm waiting for the rotary cutter, mat, and ruler I bought with a gift card I was sent. 

I finished another mini knitting project, tiny baby booties from the book I got for my birthday. Unfortunately I was using a bit of scrap yarn and ran out so instead of little ducky booties I made little ballet flats. But the pattern was well-written and they're only a smidge large for her tiny feet. I'll try again with more yarn because, even though I know I'll never be able to keep them on her short of sewing them to her outfit, they are awfully cute.

Little Djinn and I finally started our baby massage classes. Chris had a big project due this week and had to miss the first one, but I can catch him up. We covered legs and feet, which she grudgingly liked (mostly she wasn't happy that I wasn't holding here) and lost it a bit when we went on to chests. Another baby had started crying, then a second, and soon all the babies were screaming except the little butterball to our right who was just looking around like "it's cool man. It's all cool." One totally chill dudelet. I did the massages again before bed tonight and she was more enthusiastic. 

It was a gorgeous day so we did a bit of shopping, took a bus into the city centre, and walked home. After lunch we went back out and lay on the lawn for a little while. I had just about convinced myself that my grass allergy is all in my head, but having my bare legs on the grass for a few seconds was enough to turn my legs pink and splotchy and I had to go back for a second blanket for myself. I am clearly meant for pool decks, not back gardens. 

I leave you with this picture of Ginger Kitty helping.

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