Friday, 1 February 2013

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl

Kristina Abigail was born exactly one week ago, at 4:05 am, after 22hrs of labour*. She was 3.35kgs (7lbs 6oz) and around 20 inches at birth, though at her five day weigh-in she was down to 3.15kg, an almost 6% loss which is entirely to be expected. Because my water broke more than 18hrs before delivery they kept us in the hospital for 24hr observation to make sure she didn't have an infection and we got to go home Saturday afternoon, Chris' birthday. He was amazed that Little Djinn had already had time to nip round to the shops and get a birthday card for him. She's pretty amazing like that.
Our first night got a bit rough with her not wanting to settle and me not having slept in two days, but since then she's been a peach, only fussing when we're actively thwarting her will, say by not letting her nurse. As soon as she thinks she's headed towards an active nipple she calms right down.
Mother and baby are doing fine, passing our daily midwife check-ups with flying colours. Grandma is over the moon, and Daddy is quietly stressing about everything except when actually holding his daughter and then he's calm and happy. Granddaddy hasn't met her yet, but sent a truly extravagant bouquet of flowers. People who know Chris think she looks like him and people who know me think she looks like me, so I suspect she's just a baby and we're all reading too much into it.

~ * ~

* 11hrs of "official" labour, counting from about 4cm dilation, 2hrs of hard labour, eg deliberate pushing. Believe you me, I'm counting from the first contractions.


  1. So glad she has a real name.

  2. She is so wonderful. I've been telling everyone I meet about her. I have a new niece! :D

  3. Ohh, congratulations to you and your husband, and welcome into the world, little, Kristina!

    She is very beautiful, and so lovingly wrapped in knitting, too. Look after yourselves, and enjoy this time as much as you can.