Thursday, 14 July 2011

Yesterday I accomplished very little

Yesterday I accomplished very little. The Consultation on Family Migration is up on UKBA's website so I spent a fair amount of the day fuming about the wording of questions and lack of opportunities to share one's actual thoughts, and catching up on UKY to see how my compatriot ex-patriots are reacting. We're putting together a response and "we" actually does include me as I've volunteered to help out. Obviously our response will be skewed towards the ways this would impact immigrants from the US and their usually-British partners.

That's pretty much what I did yesterday. I tend not to look at UKY over the weekend (Chris doesn't like it when I ignore him in favour of the internet) and I'm still not caught up from the turning-30, wedding-planning, school-year-ending, people-visiting, getting-married informal hiatus I took in May/June so there's a lot of posts to read.

I did restart the Swinging Sunday Socks. Knitting loosely wasn't working so I switched from 2.25mm to 2.5mm and it's much closer in size to the first sock. Additionally the 2.5 is 100cm and lace tip, whereas the 2.25 is 80cm (longest the shop had in stock) and blunter, so that's making it easier as well. With all the frogging, I've only just finished the cuff and will start on the leg sometime today.

I finally made it back to the pool today and did 2700m. That's around my usual distance but the clocks were broken so I couldn't say how long it took - I'm guessing I made good time as I'm feeling it a bit in my arms and legs, but it's possible to swim "better" without necessarily swimming faster. I followed this with my first ever bowl of Weetabix (with strawberries on top) so I'm feeling very healthy indeed. Or at least I was until I had nachos for lunch.

The big news for today is that, having made an appointment for early August in Glasgow, we uploaded my application for FLR(M). I say we because my computer refuses to communicate with the printer and everything has to be printed out and signed so I made Chris do it from his computer. I have our marriage certificate and passports, Chris is collecting the financial documents (owning our house, banking and savings account statements), and then we just need passport photos taken. There are photo booths all over the place that do passport photos, so that's no hardship. Chris wants to do his today when we take our constitutional but I want to wait till I get my hair cut next week so I know my hair, at least, looks good.

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