Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Knitting Needle Give-Away

My first give-away!*

For Christmas my then-fiancé-now-husband gave me a set of KnitPro intercheangeable wood needles. This giveaway is not for them but rather for some of the cheap needles I bought when I was first learning to knit and no longer need - and I want them out of my knitting box. In all honesty, I doubt I need half the needles I am keeping, outwith my interchangeables, but you never know when you're going to want a second circ for a Turkish CO or when I may wish to use DPNs rather than Magic Loop for a project. It could happen.

In the meantime, I have some needles with which I am willing to part:

Straight Pins:
Clover "Bamboo Premium", size 5.0mm (8US), 32cm(9in) long

Bryspun Bry-Flex (plastic), size 4.5mm (7US), 5in long, set of 5
Bryspun Bry-Flex (plastic), size 4.0mm (6US), 5in long, set of 5

Susan Bates (metal), 4.5mm (7US), 81cm (32") long
Susan Bates (metal), 5.5mm (9US), 81cm (32") long - no packaging

Clover "Bamboo Premium", size 4.5mm (7US), 41cm(16in) long - no packaging
Clover "Bamboo Premium", size 5.0mm (8US), 41cm(16in) long - 3 pairs (don't ask - I already gave away a fourth), packaging for one pair

That's it. Those are the needles with which, at this time, I wish to part. I have no idea how much it'd cost to post them so while I'll most likely cover it within mainland UK (especially if you'll take all of them off my hands), I make no promises. If no-one wants them by this time next Tuesday (12 July) I'm taking them to my local knitting night, and after that to a charity shop. If more than one person asks for any given pair of needles I will make an arbitrary decision, blah blah blah.

* Saying it like this makes it sound like I'm a cool blogger with lots of readers who regularly gives away nifty things to those readers. This is far, far from the truth.

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