Monday, 4 July 2011

I'm going to run out of sock puns in short order

I'm going to run out of sock puns in short order so I'll save what few I have for special occasions - such as actually finishing a sock (not even a pair, just one). It is knitting up fairly quickly now that I'm actually knitting again though yesterday we slept in till noon (I'd wake up, see Chris was still asleep and roll over; he'd wake up, see that I was still asleep and roll over...) and then I lay out in the garden for a bit because it was actually sunny and warm for the first time in at least a month and having watched 3 more episodes of Game of Thrones the day before my Song of Fire and Ice reread was calling to me. It's not so much that I forgot how good the books are as I deliberately wasn't thinking about it as the wait between books is so long. But I read a few chapters on the lawn and then dead-headed my rose bushes and chopped the big one back down to about six feet tall. She wants to take over the world and I want her to keep flowering and not eat people. I am somewhat miffed that it started blooming right when we left to get married and I came back to find those early roses had already died. Fortunately there's oodles more. I actually get two very different types of roses on the big bush, little single-row white roses and bigger pink tea roses. They're dark coral as buds but blossom a very delicate pink.

That done and the sun behind clouds I came inside, caught up on my social networks and knit a little while Chris watched Wimbledon. I keep forgetting that he played tennis when he was a little lad. Not my idea of an exciting sport, but then none of the sports he likes are my idea of exciting. After that ended, he went to do some work in the office (upstairs) and I watched an episode from season 3 of Doctor Who (I'm almost up to Blink!) and had to model his sock on my own foot which may have been a mistake as he's now convinced that I'm going to keep them for myself. Then I made dinner, mini shells with peas and pancetta, and we watched Top Gear, House, and a Stargate:SG1.

I don't think I'm going to tell you what all telly I watch in a day as it sounds like (and is) a rather un-flattering amount of telly. But telly, especially telly I've seen before, is great background for when I'm knitting. My hands are busy but my eyes and ears get bored. I tune out music too easily and I don't like audio books, so telly is my best option.

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