Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hello World!

I've recently started reading knitting blogs and I realized that I also want to write one. I'm on Ravelry and am trying to put usefull notes in my project details because when I'm looking to knit a pattern I enjoy reading other peoples' experiences, but while it's a useful record of the various patterns I've knit, it doesn't say much about me as a knitter.

I currently have a lot of free time. I'm a full-time student (until next week when the semester and the year end) but the exams are over and I only have a couple of projects left. I moved to Inverness, Scotland from San Francisco, California to be with my then-boyfriend, now-fiancĂ© (and in two weeks and a few days, my husband!) so I don't have a lot of local friends placing demands on my time, either. When I came through immigration they were surprised at how much yarn I had stashed in my suitcase and wanted to know if I was planning to make things to sell. I come from a place where scarves and hats are purely decorative and I've never owned a pair of mittens, and now I'm going to spend winter 20 degrees further north than I've ever been, 0.5 degrees shy of the Arctic Circle. No, I explained, I'm planning on knitting my first cold-weather accessories for myself. Also, I'd previously checked out the Inverness yarn scene and while you'd think living in close proximity to all those sheep would mean lots of beautiful, local yarns, all I found was one little crafts and hobbies store with mostly big-brand synthetic yarn.  I am happy to report that the shop is under new management and they've significantly increased the amount and quality of yarns they stock and I am doing my humble best to keep them in business. Their needle supply is still on the paltry side (cheap brand, limited sizing) but I have no trouble ordering needles online whereas I really want to see and fondle yarn before I buy.

There are a bunch of things I've recently finished that I haven't wanted to post about in my previous journal as they are mostly gifts for people who follow it or wedding-related surprises. As no one yet reads this blog, I figure I'm pretty safe.

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